Ul. Kuratova, 15

IMG_1465.jpgHistorical and cultural monument

Date of building - 1896

Protected by the state

The board was established in 2006

Two houses constructed in the end of the XIXth century by Kuzbozhev merchants are the oldest brick buildings in Syktyvkar.

Brothers were engaged in buying up and resale of agricultural raw materials and had barns in Ust-Sysolsk. Both houses are two-storeyed buildings with high windows. Now they are historical and cultural monuments and protected by the state.

One of the houses which stands in Kuratov street was constructed in 1896 by Aifail Kirjakovich Kuzbozhev - the richest of the brothers. He was engaged in trade and delivery of the goods and had the flour-grinding manufacture.

The designer of this house is unknown. The house of usual squared shape with a low tent roof is beautiful because of rich architectural furniture. After nationalization of the former Kuzbozhev’s houses the owners in them changed very often.

At present in the .Kuzbozhev's house there is the Komifish Office.


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