National Children's Library Named after S.J. Marshak

Ul. Sovietskaja, 20

Biblioteka-Marschaka.jpgRecently the house belonged to P.M. Kambalov (1861-1938). Since early youth he was engaged in capital accumulation: worked as a salesman in the shop of the merchant Sychev, brought the goods from Vyatka.

In 1912 in the central city street he built the two-storeyed stone house with shops on the ground floor. In the shop he organized the colonial goods trade (tea, coffee, spices, sugar, etc.). On the second floor he lived with his family.

In 1937 the former merchant was repressed, in 1938 died in the Kyltovo state farm of Ust-Vymlag. In 1958 year was rehabilitated.

In the Soviet period the house was occupied with various establishments. Within the period 1932-1949 years there was the Republican Library (nowadays the National Library of the Komi Republic).

In 1965 Syktyvkar Children's Library got some rooms on the second floor. In 1981 the Library received both floors.