Ul. Sovietskasja, 45

Дом мещанина Шарапова А.Е. Фото Саврасовой.jpgHistorical and cultural monument

Dates of building: 1910 – 1912

Protected by the state

The board was established in 2006

A.E. Sharapov was born in 1880 year in the village of Vador (Kojgorodok area of the Ust-Sysolsky district) in a poor family.

In 1910 he began building a new two-storeyed house. By 1912 year the house was ready, separate painting and decorating continued till 1917.

In September 1922 the householder signed the contract with the Regional Department of National Education on renting the top floor for the school. In 1927 Sharapov was expelled from the house.

Since 1997 in the Sharapov's former house is the Orthodox school.

The Sharapov's house is of great value as a characteristic type of historical city buildings of the end ХIХ – beginning ХХ centuries. The traditional detail of such houses is the balcony over the main entrance of the building. Its town-planning function at a crossroads of streets is important. It keeps historical planning structure corresponding the first regular plan of Ust-Sysolsk in 1783.


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