Republican House of Creativity

Ul. Sovietskaja, 28

Ремесленные мастерские. Фото Саврасовой Н.Л..jpgIn 1904 district technicians Evdokimov and Nikitin worked out the plan of building the house for workshops in order to train young people to metalwork and forge skill.

By December 1906 the building was finished.

In 1910 on the basis of craft workshops there was opened the Craft School where educational disciplines and drawing were taught.

In 1916 pupils at the head with A.D.Sintsov designed a dynamo-car, and the building was the first one in Komi with electric light. In 1921 the Craft School was transformed into the Pprofessional School.

In late thirties in the building there was the Republican Archive. Since 1985 there is the House of Arts Workers and Creative Unions.