It was erected at the end of 1850. It burned down during a fire of 1901. Then the fire destroyed around all houses. But on the ashes people saw a wonderful icon of Kazan Mother of God. And it was a real miracle.The icon remained safe and now is in the Kazan temple.

In 1905-1915 in Kochpon there was erected a new temple. Then in 1939 the temple was closed. But in the days of the Great Patriotic War, in 1943 with numerous requests of inhabitants of the republic the temple was again opened for parishioners – for burial service of people who died in the war. It wasn't closed any more.

Кичигин В. Чудо на пепелище / В. Кичигин // Вечерняя пятница. – 2005. – 18 февр.