hram.jpgThe Stefanovsky cathedral in the past stood in the city of the town on the place of the present Stefanovskaya Square. As the author of the plan and cathedral’s facade in one of the documents "the local builder" Tcherepanov is mentioned. He was supposed to be the head of the construction. The project was grandiose. The sizes of this five-domed two-storeyed temple (about 47 meters in length, 26 – in width and 45 – in height, beginning from heads), seemed to be very impressive in the 19th century, it was a huge construction.

The temple had to be constructed on money of local population that was usual at that time. Only in 1881 construction of the Stefanovsky temple was finished. The cathedral was closed in 1929. On March 9, 1932 presidium of regional executive committee signed a final sentence to the Stefanovsky temple about full dismantling on bricks.

On May 9, 1996 there was laid the foundation for new Stephan Perm's Cathedral. The biggest dome – central – is equal in diameter to 14 meters. Its height – 18 meters. Cross on the main dome is nine-meters. Weight of this large object is equal to 12 tons. In days of 80 th anniversary celebrations of the Komi Republic the Stefanov’s cathedral was opened.

Architects are a small staff of Syktyvkar architectural studio "Menam Kerka" ("My house"). Leading architects – O. Kokushkin and V.Borichevsky.


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