«Natural resources of the Komi Republic»

The standing exhibition «Natural resources of the Komi Republic» opened in 2003 consists of two parts «Minerals and raw resources of the Komi Republic» and «Animals and vegetable kingdom of the Komi Republic». The displays show the rich Komi nature, its peculiarities and environmental complexes.
«Minerals and raw resources of the Komi Republic» part presents minerals such as fuel and energy resources, ores of ferrous, nonferrous, rare and rare-earth metals, building materials and semi-precious stones which are the main riches of the Komi Republic. The deposits are shown on the electrified map. The unique exhibit is the druse of rock crystal «Black rose» weighting 270 kg mined from «Zhelannoe» field in Inta region.
«Animals and vegetable kingdom» part presents the diversity of animals and vegetable kingdom of tundra and taiga. It presents typical animals of the Komi Republic such as brown bear, wolf, glutton, elk, marten, squirrel, lepus, beaver, fox, various kinds of sedentary and migrant birds. There are also rare species which are in the Red Book of International Union for the Conservation of Nature. They are eagle, golden eagle, Common Crane. There are also some species from the Red book of the Komi Republic such as reindeer, badger, hooping swan, honey buzzard, white-tailed eagle, eurasian oystercatcher and others. The exposition includes «Amphibia and Reptiles of the Komi republic» with wetted animal preparations.
The exposition is supplemented with stands on especially protected nature areas of the Komi republic including Pechora-Ilych State Biosphere Nature Reserve, Yugyd Va National Park, wildlife preserves and natural monuments.