«Komi region from ancient times to the middle of the XX century»

Modern exposition of History department in the National museum of the Komi Republic established in 1985 is housed on two floors in 6 rooms. The exposition subject is connected with museum specialization and reflects the history of the Komi area (region, ASSR) from ancient times to the middle of the XX century. It is based on the principle of chronological demonstration of historical material. The images of each epoch are exactly reproduced by a very successful decision of exposition room (designed by the museum scientific associates L.L. Kosinskaya, L.D. Lyuoseva, T.A. P’yankova, N.A. Mityusheva headed by V.P. Yavshits (Moscow).
On the one hand, the exposition materials represent the influence of social and economic processes in Russia on the development of the Komi area, on the other hand, they disclose the unique history of the Komi region. The exposition shows a number of unique archaeological monuments such as skis with sculptural picture of elk head dated VI millennium B.C., items of beast style starting from Mesolithic age and till the end of the early Middle Ages, icons of the ХVII-ХIХ centuries, relics of World War I, Civil War and the Great Patriotic War which happened in the first half of the ХХ century.
The visiting card of the History department is the tractor exploited in Vizinga machine-tractor station for over 25 years.
Alongside with exposition rooms the History department presents exhibitions which supplement exposition rooms and at the same time are independent in their content: «Ust-Sysolsk — world of a provincial town», «Spiritual centers of Komi area», «Coins and treasures from the collection of The National museum of the Komi Republic», «Nyuvchim lace», «Punishment, feat and award» (The faiths of scientists laureates of Stalin’s Prize).