Ul. Babushkina, 11

Historical and cultural monument


Dates of building: 1910 – 1916

The author of the project: E.G. Sorokin

Reconstruction : F.A. Tentjukova

Protected by the state

The board was established in 2006

The building of the district hospital was one of the most beautiful constructions of Ust-Sysolsk at the beginning of the XX th century.

On September 2nd, 1907 the Ust-Sysolsk zemstvo accepts the decision on building in Ust-Sysolsk the city stone hospital. On September 22d the building commission began its work .

The project was made in 1908 by the technician-builder E.G. Sorokin

In 1916 all building and decorating works were finished. In autumn of the same year the district hospital began working.

Within the period between 1938 and 997 years in the building there was the city maternity hospital.

In summer 1998 the building was given to the Medical Faculty of the Komi of Branch of the Kirov State Medical Academy.


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