Ul. Babushkinas, 20

eparh.jpgHistorical and cultural monument

Dates of building: 1882 - 1889

Protected by the state

The board was established in 2006

The building of the monastic farmstead was constructed in 1889 for the Ulyanovsk monastery. Later there were other establishments: the Cultural and Educational School, the Children's Choreographic School and the monastic farmstead.

In 1860 in the village of Uljanovo the Troitsk Stefano-Ulyanovsk man's monastery was renewed.

The first building of the farmstead of the Troitsk Stefano-Ulyanovsk monastery in Ust - Sysolsk was offered by the merchant widow Sidorova in 1866. It was the two-storeyed log house.

Near the farmstead at the corner of Suhanovskaja and Troitskaja streets in 1877 the new wooden Stefanov Church was built.

In 1882 in Suhanovskaja street there was built a stone building of the farmstead.

The farmstead was used for the needs of Ulyanovsk monks living in the city and pilgrims to the Ulyanovsk monastery.

In 2000 the building became the property of Syktyvkar and Vorkuta Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church founded in 1995.

Now in the building there is the Diocesan Office and the farmstead of the Troitsk Stefano-Ulyanovsk man's monastery.


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