Ul. Pervomalskaya, 56.

The republic's oldest theatre. The first national professional theatre, began working here in 1930, under the direction of V. Savin. Now the theatre has two troupes, one Russian, and one Komi. The repertoire is designed to please of all ages. The artists perform on tours in CIS countries as well as in Western Europe.

In 1930 Victor Savin, a poet, playwright, stage manager and actor, founded the Drama theatre of the Republic of Komi and the theatre still carries his name. Nowadays this theatre is one of centers of spiritual and artistic culture of all people who live in our republic. Plays of Nicolai Diakonov, Vasili Lecanov, Alexandre Larev and other are familiar to everybody who knows the history of Komi culture. In 1966 the Drama theatre was given the status of the Academic theatre.

167000, Russia, Komi Republic, Syktyvkar, ul. Pervomajskaya, 56
Country and area code: +7 8212
Tel.: 24-10-60
Fax: 24-10-60


Artistic Director

Vyrypaeva Tat'yana Evgen'evna

General Manager

Matveev Mihail Nikolaevich