The main transportation is by rail. The Inta train station (in the settlement of Verkhnyaya Inta) is located 17 km from the city and is served by bus route №10.

It is possible to get to Intal:

from Moscow by train MoscowVorkuta,

from St. Petersburg by train St. Petersburg- Vorkuta,

from Syktyvkar by train Syktyvkar- Vorkuta,

The highway system is not very well developed. In accordance with the "bus principle", all roads go to Inta, but do not belong to a unified system.

There are regular trains Moscow - Vorkuta, Adler - Vorkuta, and Pechora - Inta to Inta. The city connected by civil aviation flights with Syktyvkar and distant settlements of the district.

Pechora helicopters provide summer expedition trips to the mountains and tundra, distant parts of the district, and also medical flights. The main means с transportation outside the city are offroad "Urals" and tracked cross-country vehicles.


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