Yugyd Va National Park

Park Yugyd Va (“Light Water”) occupies a special place among other national parks in Russia. It is the largest territory possessing the most valuable natural complexes and in contrast to reserves is available to nature lovers.

The National Park was organised by the Government of the Russian Federation on 23.04.1994 and in 1995 its territory, together with the Pechora-Ilych State Biosphere Reserve (Troitsko-Pechora Area) and its buffer zone were included into the list of World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO under the title of "Virgin Komi Forests."

The National Park is situated on the border between Europe and Asia on the western slopes of Northern and Polar Urals, in river basins Kozhim, Kos'yu, Big Synya, Shchugor Podcherem. Administratively the National Park is located in the extreme north-east of European Russia, on the territory of Vuktyl (47,6% of total area), Pechora (22,4%) and Inta (30%) areas of the Komi Republic. The total area of the Park covers 1,891,701 hectares; it is the largest national park in Russia.

In the Park there are the highest peaks of Polar and Northern Urals. The highest peak of the Urals – Narodnaja Mountain (1,895 m. high) is located in the north-eastern borders of the Park. The highest peaks are Manaraga, Belfry, Karpinski, Neroika and Telposis.

Most rivers in upper mountains have a severe character: numerous rapids, shoals and waterfalls. The lakes are extremely picturesque among them Trade and Long Lakes and Big Balbanty. Rivers of the park, flowing down the west slope of the Ural Mountains supply the Pechora River with pure water and flow into the Barents Sea. The rivers form steep cliffs called the Gates.Lower Gates of River Shchugor, Middle Gates of the Shchugor River, Upper Gates of the River Shchugor and other places always attract the attention of tourists and travelers.

Natural boundaries of the Park are: the main ridge of the Ural Mountains to the east, Kozhim River to the north, Great Synya,Vangyr and Kos'y Rivers to the west. In the South there is the border with the Pechora-Ilych Reserve.

In the Park there are 43 species of mammals, among them the European mink which is included into the Red Book of the Komi Republic and two endangered species - sable and northern pika. The most common species are white hare, flying squirrel, northern deer, weasel, otter, moose, fox, wolf, wolverine, bear, marten, weasel, white fox.

The Park is home to 190 species of birds, 19 of them are included into the Red Book of the Komi Republic - red-breasted goose, osprey, golden eagle, jer-falcon, peregrine, white-tailed eagle.

17 species of waterfowls nest in the Park. The forests are rich in wood grouse, black grouse, hazel grouse and ptarmigan. In the rivers of the Park live 23 species of fish - salmon, Siberian grayling, pelyad, trout, whitefish, golden carp, and others. Among 5 species of amphibians and reptiles Siberian salamander is listed in the Red Book of the Komi Republic.

Flora of Yugyd Va National Park includes more than 600 species of vascular plants, dozens of species of mosses and lichens, a great diversity of herbs.

Wildlife Preserve “Adak”

Wildlife Preserve “Adak” is especially protected natural territory. The total area (hectare) 3000.

The natural boundary Adak in the Komi language means ' a deep whirlpool between high beaches '. It is in 8 km above the Adak river - the right inflow of the Usa river. The wildlife preserve is located on the territory of Inta area. In Adak there are numerous niches and caves. The Adak area is interesting historically. In 1968 archeologist V.I. Kanivets found out in one of the caves a sanctuary of the mesolit epoch.

At the foot of rocks one could find Arctic plants and also plants of southern origin.

The Usa river is rich for salmon. The bear, squirrel, usual wood-grouse, black grouse, hazel grouse live in its natural woods.


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