gerb_inta.gifInta's coat of arms was approved on March 24, 1982 by Inta city council of People's Deputies. The author of the project is the painter Arif Al Ogly Bayramov.

Form of the coat of arms - the French board with two corners below. In the board top is the name of the city of "INTA".

On the coat of arms all the symbols of the city are represented. The water tower is in the right top corner. It’s Inta's main architectural sight.

The reindeer symbolizes the main occupation of local people - a reindeer breeding, and

the polar lights – a geographical site of the city in northern latitudes.


Flag_of_Inta.jpgOn November 25, 2008 Inta received the flag. It was approved by the decision of the Council of the municipal city district.

In the flag’s center there is the image of snowflakes of silvery color, the Rhombus symbolizes the northern sun. In the rhombus there is the stylized images of the tower and the reindeer on a blue background of the sky.

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