Territory: 152 sq.km
Population: 256 thousand people (according to Komistat for January 1, 2013)


Stefanovskaya square

is the administrative center of the Komi Republic. The city is located in the northeastern part of Russia in 1410 km from Moscow.
Syktyvkar is the big industrial center. In the city there work about 40 industrial enterprises. Besides, Syktyvkar is one of the largest scientific centers in the European North of Russia. In the city there are about 30 specialized scientific institutions.


The Theater named Victor Savin

is the cultural capital of the republic. In the city there are such cultural institutions as the Republican Opera and Ballet Theater, the National Musical and Drama Theater, the State Academic Drama Theater named after V. A. Savin, the Komi Republican Philharmonic Hall. The largest public museums of the republic are the National Museum and the National Gallery.
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