Chutynsky Complex Reserve

It is located in the upper reaches of the Chut кiver, on the right bank of the Ukhta river. It was founded in 1967 to protect rare species of animals and fir-bilberry forests, as well as to create good conditions for their reproduction. On the Chut river, from where the tributary Yarega flows into the Ukhta river, stands the Chut Geological Monument. This consists of outcropping of rocks with a rich complex of fossilized fauna of sea organisms. The most convenient way to enjoy a 3-5 day local lore trip on the Chut river is to do it in summer using kayaks or rubber boats. A special hiking route for this trip has been designed by the Center for Youth Tourism and the Ukhta Tourist Club.

The White and the Black Kedva

The White and the Black Kedva, rivers flowing from the Timan Ridge, will always attract lovers of recreational fishing, who can catch fish like grayling, pike and large bass here. During a week's trip down one of these rivers, you can completely satisfy your urge to fish. You can also experiment with many different types of fishing gear and methods of fishing. The upper reaches of these rivers are rich in grayling, while the lower reaches before the Izhma are places where pike and large bass are frequently caught. Traveling down the Black Kedva can include a visit to the Eshmensky Cave. In the distant past, it was a sacred place of the pre-Komi peoples.

Rock on the Sedyu River

The limestone rocky outcroppings on the bank of the Sedyu river, 2 km from the community of Sedyu (reachable by bus from Ukhta), is one of the most popular places not only among tourists and rock climbers, but also among the artists of Ukhta and Sosnogorsk. This picturesque place in the outskirts of Ukhta attracts everyone in a different way: some use it for athletic training and rock-climbing competitions, and all-round competitions, while artists like to come with their families and friends to paint in the open air. For those who come to Ukhta on a business trip and want to enjoy a rest in the country on their days off, a trip to the Sedyu is the best available option, and it doesn't require long preparation.

The Tobys-Ukhta

The Tobys river begins in the swampy plateau-shaped areas of the Timan Ridge. The river is rapid, but technically simple. The upper area of the river is reachable by renting a car in the community of Tobys (at the Tobys railway station). The river is fast and rich in small rapids in its upper reaches but nevertheless it is possible to go down the river on tourist boats. In the middle of a hike, a one-day stop can be taken by the mouth of the Chut river - and this will be quite interesting and educational. The route 1 c.c. is available for groups of young people as well as for families preferring a vacation with different activities over the whole summer. Fishing in the river is not as interesting as fishing in the lakes in the floodlands of the river. One can also enjoy gathering berries and mushrooms in the pine forests and watching wildlife. The route ends after the Tobys flows into the Ukhta river at the town of Ukhta.

"Krohal" and Bard Songs

The "Krohkal" sanatorium is the only one in the Komi Republic which has a medical staff offering a "health-improvement vacation". It is located in a pine forest to the south of the city, along the Syktyvkar - Ukhta highway. This resort spa works all year round.

The first week of June in "Krokhal" is the time for a traditional festival of bards' songs. Bards of the Komi Republic and visitors from other regions of northwest Russia traditionally participate in the festival. The number of participants who enjoy singing with guitar music is growing every year. The festival is held with the support of N. Tskhaday, Head of the Ukhta State University.


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