There is a railway line between Pechora and Usinsk, with twice per day local passenger service. Regular airline flights connect Usinsk with Ukhta, Pechora, and Syktyvkar (daily), Moscow (twice per week) and St. Petersburg (the frequency depends on the season). The airport can accommodate aircraft of all types. There are also flights on local airlines.

Water transportation is used in during the summer navigation period. There is passenger service along the Usa and Pechora Rivers to the villages of Azba, Ust-Usa, Parma and Pechora. The villages of Ust-Usa, Kolva, and Novikbozh also have highway connections with Usinsk. The length of these roads is 251 km, of which 235 km are paved. The main highways are: Usinsk - Vozey-Kharyaga, and Kolva -Parma - Usinsk - Ust-Usa - Novikbozh.