Ecological Routes

The valley of the Sharyu river is a geological reserve. Picturesque cliffs can be found along the river banks. A 3-5 day trip along the Sharyu provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the unique northern landscapes of the Arctic Region. When rafting along the Sharyu river, the Makarikha farm may be of interest. It is famous primarily for its mysterious shaman rites and powerful energy. In the valley of the Sharyu river, there are nests of waterfowl - ducks, geese and swans - and almost all types of sandpipers and birds of prey. It is especially interesting to spot an erne, which is listed in the Red Book of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.

Usva-Nyur, the largest swamp in Europe, is located in the Usinsk Area. This ecological reserve is included in the European list of reserves, is a reservoir of very clean water, and is the .habitat of a wide variety of flora and fauna. A trip through the swamp to the Neofid forest takes 1-2 days.

The bus tour "A Look at the Tundra", organized by the Area Culture and Sports Department, involves crossing the Arctic Circle and the tundra zone to the Kharyazhka river. In spring one can witness rapid blooming and bird migration. In summer one can collect cloudberries and watch the dance of the ruffs. The entire route, 320 km, takes 3-4 days, with camping in the most interesting places. There is a thermal spring, the Adzvy, in the area. It is located in the eastern part of the Usinsk area. The limited accessibility to this region (150 km away from Usinsk, in the upstream area of the Usa river) makes it a unique corner of balneology. The residents of the neighboring villages - Makarikha, Synyanyrda and Yukosta - go to the spring on foot, like pilgrims to Mecca. The healing properties of this water have not been studied yet, but they are very famous and are associated with many legends.

There is good hunting and fishing around the Belaya river, where there are beautiful pine forests rich in game and mushrooms. There are hunting and fishing cottages in the river valley.

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