The Forest Wildlife Preserve “Enganepe"

The Forest Wildlife Preserve “Enganepe" was established by the Council of Ministers of the Komi ASSR on Sept. 26, 1989 by N 193 "On organization of New Reserves and Natural Monuments in the Komi ASSR" with the purpose to preserve the part of mountain forests typical for northern taiga. In the preserve the fur forest near the mountain Enganepe (width – 500 m, lenth 6 km) is taken care of.
The time of the reserve’s functioning is unlimited.
The area of the reserve is 790 hectares.
In the reserve it is prohibited to violate the current state of landscapes, conduct reclamation work, grazing, build houses, use mechanized transport and search, geophysical exploration, including drilling, etc.).
It is allowed to hunt on special dates.

The Waterfall Khalmer-Yu

The cliffs are located 15 km from the northwest of the Khalmer-Yu community, at the divide of the Silovoyakha and Khalmeryu rivers.
The height of the cliffs is up to 60 m. The waterfall on the Khalmeryu river - one of the largest waterfalls of the European part of Russia - is situated 25 km to the north of the Khalmer-Yu community. The total height of the waterfall is 10 m.
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