Coat of arms


Vorkuta received the coat of arms on April 20, 1971. The symbol of the city was approved by the decision of the Vorkuta Executive Committee of People's Deputies. The author of the coat of arms is Nikolay Zhilin - member of the Union of USSR painters.


The coat of arms is located on the French board of azure color. The central figure is a silver deer – a symbol of purity, updating and revival. On a background of the coat of arms is the stylized miner's coal tower and an embankment from dead rocks. Over mine copras there is a red star.


flag-vorkuty.gifThe panel of the flag consists of six horizontal strips: blue, green, white, blue, red (colors of flags of Komi and Russia).

It was approved by the Council of the city on November 11, 1999. For the first time it was lifted on November 26, 1999. Authors of the flag: Vitaly Troshin and his son Alexey.