Population: 88 thousand people (Komistat's data for January 1, 2013)

Area: 24180 sq.km.

Sergey Tsherbak. Vorkuta

Modern Vorkuta is a large center of coal mining and organizational and economic center of the Pechora coal basin. There are enterprises of various industries. The main share of industrial production of the city is coal mining and power industry.

The miner’s profession is a leading profession in the city. There are two educational institutions: Vorkuta Mining College and Vorkuta Mining Institute.
Vorkuta Drama Theater’s history began with the GULAG theater, where prisoners – talented and well-known people were leading actors. On October 1, 1943 the first premiere of the theater - operetta "Silva" took place.
In Vorkuta it is possible to see original buildings constructed in the conditions of permafros:.the Palace of Culture for Miners, Vorkuta Bank building, Vorgashor television tower. In the city there are nine squares symbolizing a certain period of the city’s history decorated with sculptures and monuments.