Upper Gateway of the Shchugor River. It is located 73 km from the mouth of the Shchugor, and 19 km above mouth of the Bolshaya Patoka River. It is composed of carboniferous limestone. It begins with low outcroppings (up to 15-18 m), cut by rocks on the left bank of the river. For 200-300 m and higher, there are rocks on the right bank of the river. They are also low. They have distinctive small forms of weathering resembling picturesque columns, cones and other figures. Gradually the height of the rocks increases up to 35-40 m; and they become more monolithic. Or relatively steep slopes, weathering has created various bas-reliefs reminiscent of ornaments and human profiles. The exposed surface is rough. The right exposure of the top part has a lot of karst; there are numerous niches of various sizes and small caves. In the right-bank exposure of Vodopadny Brook there is a picturesque gorge ending with a powerful waterfall more than 15 m high. The falls, as well as the Upper Gateway itself, have been designated as natural monuments.

Middle Gateway of the Shuhgor River. This geological natural monument is located 6 km below the Upper Gateway. It is also composed of grayish-brown, and sometimes orange limestone. The height of the rocks is 40-45 m. The arrangement of the left and the right "shutters" is such that while moving upwards along the Shchugora, at the distance of about 500 m from the gate the effect of closing off the river is created – the "shutters" appear to converge so as to block off the channel. There is a big cave – not yet completely explored – in the rocks of the Middle Gateway.

The Lower Gateway of the Shcugor River. This most effective and picturesque among all the Shchugor "gateways" is 22 km from the mouth of the Shchugor and 7 km below the village of Michabichevnik. The gateway is formed by steep rocks of carboniferous limestone which stretch all along the river for 400 m. Powerful layers are inclined upstream, and the river cuts across them. The rocks on the right bank look like teeth, their total number being about twenty. The height of the teeth is up to 30-40 m. The spaces between the teeth and the tops of the rocks are covered by coniferous trees. The left exposure of the top part breaks perpendicularly into the river flow, forming a steep wall that goes into the water at the right angle. The surface of the left-side rocks is flat, and covered by woods. There are seven caves in the rocks on the right bank of the Gateway, two of which are located not very high above the water and are accessible for tourists.

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