For a long time one could get to the Izhma area only by water (on the Pechora) or air transportation. During recent years a highway was built which crosses the district and helps its development. Now Izhma is closely connected with the Ust-Tzylma area. With its other neighbors – the Sosnogorsk and Pechora districts, there are still connections only by winter roads, but the building of regular is continuing. It should be noted that from the Irael railway station located 102 km from majority of settlements in the area. It is possible to get to Irael:

from Moscow by train MoscowVorkuta,

from St. Petersburg by train St. Petersburg- Vorkuta,

from Syktyvkar by train Syktyvkar- Pechora,

from Syktyvkar by train Syktyvkar- Vorkuta,

from Syktyvkar by train Syktyvkar- Usinsk.

There is hydrofoil service during the summer navigation period from the settlement of Shchelyayur to Naryan-Mar.