Territory: 18,4 thousand sq.km
Population: 17,009 thousand people (according to Komistat for January 1, 2021)
Izhma region is located in northwestern part of the Komi Republic. Administrative center is the village of Izhma, located in 544 km from Syktyvkar, on the right bank of the Izhma river. The nearest railway station is Irayol (102 km).
Izhma region borders with Ust-Tsilma, Usinsk, Sosnogorsk, Udora, Ukhta, Knyazhpogost regions of Komi.
The industry of the region is generally presented by forest, oil-extracting and food industries. Agriculture specializes on production of potatoes, dairy and meat husbandry. Reindeer breeding is a traditional branch of economy.
The region is well-known for original culture of Komi-izhma people, national traditions and crafts.