The Knyazhpogost district is connected with other cities of the republic by paved highways to Syktyvkar, Ukhta and Aikino (Ust-Vym area), and by a zimnih and unpaved road to Koslan (Udor area). There is regular bus service to Ymva and Syktyvkar, Ukhta, Ust-Vym, Aikino, Mikun, Vizinga, Obyachevo, Kirov (Kirov Region), and Ufa (Bashkiria).

Ymva is connected with the majority of the district's settlements by a system of local roads under the authority of the district. There are 356 km of paved public roads, and 466 km of company roads, of which 366 km are paved. The length of the railway lines is 128,3 km. The Knyazhpogost train station is situated on the northern Vorkuta - Moscow line, and the district therefore has reliable transportation both to the south, to central Russia, and to the north, to Vorkuta, Usinsk and Labytnanga. Additionally, Ymva is connected with remote settlements by local air service.

It is possible to get to Knyazhpogost:

from Moscow by train Moscow –Vorkuta,

from Syktyvkar by train Syktyvkar- Usinsk.