The first mention of the village can be found in book from 1646. A wooden church of Nicholas the Miracle Worker was built there from 1678-1685, and the village became a pogost. There were 125 men in the pogost, which became the center of the area in 1747. The pogost became a selo in 1784. A stone church was built in 1822. A parochial school was opened in the 1840s. In 1859 there were two churches and 825 residents in Kortkeros (which was also called Kortkerovskoye or Kiya). It also had a village council. A zemstvo college was built in the 1870s, a library in 1901, a medical station in 1904, a children's home in 1905, and a second college in 1912. Local people engaged in farming, cattle raising, fishing and hunting. They earned additional money with logging activities. The Kortkeros area was founded in 1939 with the village of Kortkeros as its center. The population is 4,674.

The first written mention of this village was made in 1646. It is located 37 km from Kortkeros. In the history of the Komi Republic the village is well-known as the birthplace of Viktor Savin (Vittor Nebdisa) was one of the first Komi writers to take part in the First Constituent Assembly of Soviet Writers, who engaged in political activity connected with the formation of the state organization and modern borders of the Komi Republic.

In 1937 he was arrested, convicted, and sentenced to 6 years of camp imprisonment for this activity - allegedly as a member of a counter-revolutionary bourgeois national organization. He died while imprisoned and was "rehabilitated" in 1956.

Savin's works have come back to his people. His song "Falcon's Nest" was the basis for the anthem of the Komi Republic. In his native village, there is a museum where one can get acquainted with the life and creative activity of this famous poet and playwright. There is a monument to Viktor Savin in the village, as well as a memorial sign at the site of the house where he was born.

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