In the 18th and 19th centuries Koigorodok was a significant transfer point for goods transported from Zauralye, as well as from the south of Russia from the Kama River Basin People engaged in transportation, barge construction and barge hauling. A fair was held every year. As the southern transportation routes to Siberia were developed, Koigorodok lost its significance as a transfer point. Nowadays, this is a village where most people are engaged in agriculture and wood processing.

In 1757 on its territory there were built factories: the Kazhym Thresh and the Nuchpass Thresh factories. Factories were closed after the revolution.

In 2002 the population of the district was about 10 thousand people. The number of administrative-territorial units - 10, human settlements - 21.

In 1936 there was formed the Koigorodok Timber Industry enterprise. Since October 1998 the company was renamed OOO "Koigorodok Enterprise".

The Palaus company was founded in 1958.


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