The district is located in the taiga zone without any distinct natural objects. For active travel the journey to the Kazhim reservoir with further rafting to the upper part of the Sysola river is of great interest. In summer time there are long sandy beaches, fishing, floodplain meadows for having a rest. It is convenient to start the water route in Kazhim and finish in Vizinga. It is possible to hunt for bears and elks having licenses.

In the village of Karvudzh there was opened the tourist complex. According to preliminary agreement it is possible to organize fishing or hunting.

In the village of Koigorodok there operates the ski base.

The motor road Vizinga - Koigorodok - Kazhim with asphalt coating ensures uninterrupted transport communication of the district with other districts and the capital of the republic.

There are 3 churches in the area.


Койгородская земля - наш дом родной: [буклет / Адм. МО "Койгородский район"]. - [Койгородок : б. и., 2004]. - 12 с.

Where to apply:

Tourist Complex in the village of Karvudzem

Tel.: 8 904 221 77 88