The city became an important transportation hub for the northwestern part of Russia. After the merger of two settlements, the railway station in Kozhva and the river port in Kanin Nos fell under the jurisdiction of Pechorsk. Here the waterway down the Pechora river to the Barents Sea connects with the ports of Naryan-Mar, Mezen, and Arkhangelsk, and the railway connects the industrial north with the center of Russia. The appearance of a cuy at Kanin Nos was predicted by V. Rusanov, the Polar explorer who researched the Pechorsk area. And his prediction came true. In addition to water and rail transportation, there is also air transportation, which provides connections not only with populated areas (there are flights on local routes, and also to Syktyvkar and Ukhta), it also provides seasonal transportation of scientific, sports and tourist groups to remote areas of the district. Pechora is connected with other cities of the Komi Republic by rail. There are daily trains to the north - Pechora - Inta, and to the south - Pechora - Syktyvkar. There are other trains which transit through Pechora: Moscow - Vorkuta, and Adler - Vorkuta. The Pechorsky district is connected with some neighboring district by "zlmniki" - winter roads - but there are plans to connect them with new, modern highways, which will put an end to seasonal isolation. There is regular bus service only within the district.

The underdeveloped highway transportation system is well-compensated for by river transportation. From Pechora you can get to the majority of the districts settlements located along the Pechora River, as well in the Troitsk-Pechorsky, Usinsk and Vuktyi Districts of the Komi Republic. There is passenger transportation on hydrofoil boats and hovercraft. The Pechorsk Shipping Company provides passenger service between Shchelyayur (Izhemsky district of KR) and Naryan-Mar (Nenets Autonomous Region).


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