The village of Obyachevo (local Abyachoy - a "hill with steep slopes") is the center of the Prlluzye area. It is located 189 km from Syktyvkar on the high right bank of the Luza river.
Obyachevo is one of the most ancient villages in Priluzye. The first written mention of it is in a patrol book from 1620. The village included a community with a wooden church and 43 small villages. Overall, there were 64 active households and 9 deserted dwellings. There was a fortified town near the community. It appeared probably in the late 15th century and was deserted, as not needed, by the mid-17th century.
A stone church was built there in 1808, and the first school was opened in 1822. A zemstvo school was opened in 1873, and a medical aid post was built in 1873 residents of Obyachevo engaged in farming and animal husbandry. Fishing and hunting did not play an important role in the economy. Barges and boats we for merchants' caravans transporting goods from the Vyatka. Then the vessels along the Luza. Logging was also common. Only 43 people resided in Oby itself in 1916, but the population was 2,951 when including all the neigboring villages,
A commune appeared in the village in 1929.
The Priluzsky (Obyachinsky since 1931) Timber Industrial Enterprise was founded with its center in Obyachevo. Obyachevo became the center of a new Priluzye area in the same year. The first issue of newspaper, the Vyl Luz (the Novaya Luza and later the Stalinets and the Znamya) appeared in 1931. In 1965, the villages of Malaya Borisovskaya, Tupegovskaya and Yugovskaya - which had almost merged by time - were officially united into one settlement - the village of Obyachevo with a population of 6,657. Obyachevo has a mineral spring.