Ethnic Crafts

The village of Noshul is the real center of ethnic crafts of the Priluzye area. This is the only Komi village where ethnic weaving has not only survived, but is also developing. More than twenty years ago, G. Smoleva - an artist and enthusiast of the revival of ethnic crafts - began collecting abandoned looms in villages and using them to make ornaments and ethnic patterns. Today Noshul has an ethno-cultural center. There, one cannot only see the works of weavers, but can also acquire basic weaving skills - first creating an ornament and then working on a wooden loom, ethnographic tourism is one of the promising areas for local ethno-tourism. During the sumrner, visitors are accommodated in the Noshul's boarding school or private houses.

Elm wicker work in Priluzye is characterized by a mixture of styles. The techniques of both Vyarka and Arkhangelsk craftsmen are used. This is true for all elm techniques. There are craftsmen who make pester {elm baskets) in the traditional Komi-Zyryan style, tues with Vytka-type carving, and bread baskets and salt cellars with Pomorye painting.

Elm crafts, as well as rod and root wicker work, which became less popular in the 970s and 1980s, have been revived again in the last 20 years. Nowadays, high quality hand-made goods, which have Priluzye uniqueness, are for sale in agricultural markets. These goods, while artistic, have retained their functions as utensils. uch hand-made goods are not available in shops, but can be bought or order directly from craftsmen or in their workshops.

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