All forms of ground transportation are well-developed in the Sosnogorsk District. There are 244 km of railroads, 139 km of significant highways, 166 km of municipal roads, and 101 km of local roads. The main "Siyaniye Severa" gas pipe line passes through here, carrying the production of the Tebuksk and Voivozhsk fields.

Sosnogorsk has a large railway station. The Sosnogorsk branch of the Northern Railway manages all railway transportation from the Urdoma station (Arkhangelsk Region) to the Irael station. All trains going to the north of Komi Republic pass through Sosnogorsk.

There is regular bus service to all settlements of the district, and also to Vuktyl, Troitsko-Pechorsk, and Ukhta. Air transportation needs are met by using the Ukhta airport, which is not far way.

Tickets for flights from Ukhta and Syktyvkar can be purchased in the Sosnogorsk transportation agency. Water transportation is not well-developed because the upper Izhma river is not navigable.


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