Coat of arms

Author of Sosnogorsk coat of arms is the painter Vladimir Kotov. Coat of arms was approved by the decision of Council of municipality on December 4, 2003.

Sosnogorsk is located on merge of two rivers: Izhma and Ukhta, in close proximity to the ancient Komi village of Ust-Ukhta founded more than 200 years. The city was built thanks to construction of the gas-processing plant line Kotlas-Vorkuta at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War.

Wavy lines on the city’s emblem of coat of arms divide blue, green and red weeding and specify that the city is located on merge of two rivers: Izhma and Ukhta. In the center is the gold image of a wood-grouse sitting on a pine branch.


The flag of Sosnogorsk is made on the basis of it’s coat of arms according to heraldry traditions, and reflects historical, cultural, social and economic, national and other local traditions.

The flag of the city of Sosnogorsk represents a bilateral panel with a white cross of three colors: red, green and blue. Over the cross there is a yellow figure of the wood-grouse sitting on a pine branch.

The wood-grouse in the center of the flag shows that the city of Sosnogorsk is the geographical center of the Komi Republic. The wood-grouse is the largest, strong bird of the Komi Republic .