Sport and Education Tourism

Rafting in the upper reaches of the Izhma is very popular. The river Is fast and full of rapids up to the village of Porozhsk. A 5-day trip makes it possible to train and practice techniques for use on future trips. Sport and hunting tours in this area are similar those in other areas of the republic. The main trophies are heathcock, wood grouse, hazel grouse, as hare and moose. Hunting requires licenses and special tours In accordance with game department regulations. Among educational tours, the most interesting Is folklore tour devoted to oil field discovery and exploration. Tours about the history of oil exploration are organized by the local folklore museum and the local center for children's tourism.

Solty Lake "Sola-Ty" is situated in 1 km from the village of Ust-Ukhta.

Saint Springs are found not far from Sosnogorsk.

Where to apply:

Tourist Center for Children «Vympel»

Tel.: (82149) 5-52-97

Center for Juvenile Tourism in Sosnogorsk

Tel.: (82149)5-72-96 .