The village of Vylgort is the center of the Syktyvdin area. It is located 7 km from Syktvvkar on the left bank of the Sysola river. In Komi "vvlnort" is "a new house" or "a new village".

The first written mention of the community of Vylgort was in 1586. A chapel was built there in the second half of the 17th century. The Church of Candlemas Day was built in 1693. All the villages close to Vylgort had been со into one community by the second half of the 18th century, when the population approximated 500.

A parish school was opened in 1846. A stone church was year later. In the 19th century, only Ust-Sysolsk and Yarensk exceeded Vylgort in terms of population. A zemstvo school was relocated there from Yb. The Men's Zemstvo School was opened in 1870, and the Women's Zemstvo School opened in 1897.

There were four grocery shops in the village in 1916. Blacksmithing carpentry and joining crafts were well-developed trades in the village. The fi was shown in the village in 1918. A club was opened in January 1919, and became the Syktyvdin area Cultural Center. In 1935, the Syktyvdin area organized, with its center in the village of Vylgort. A plant for production footwear was opened in 1940, and a logging depot appeared a year later. A farm was put into operation in 1964.

The population of the area in 1995 was 11 307. One place of interest in the village of Vylgort is the Komi Republic Equestrian School. The school has a stable, a riding school, a stadium for show jumping hunting par cours and, is most important, a stable of thoroughbred horses, them are thoroughbred Russian tracken horses.

Apart from training riders and breeding, school also offers equestrian tourism. These are rides and trips in Russian troikas in winter and riding on the meadow roads along the Sysola in summer. A can take riding lessons, which are given to people of any age. Adults can try trained Russian and Orel trotters, and children can ride a pony with a saddle.


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