A village in the Syktyvdin area. It is located 49 km from the center of the area (Vylgort) on the left bank of the Sysola river. The first written mention of Yb was made in 15. It originally consisted of the villages Yb Bolshoi and Yb Menshoi, surrounded by n villages and two small communities. There were two wooden churches in Yb Bolshoi. Sosnovskoye Gorodishche was built near the villages, presumably in the 15th century to shelter the local people from enemy raids. By the late 16th century, it had fallen into decay and was demolished. People were engaged in farming, cattle raising, and hunting for birds and fur-bearing animals. There were 205 men in the Yb villages 1678. Some of the communities in the Yb area had fallen into decay and the others had merged by the early 18th century. In 1825-1835 a stone Ascension Church was built ïccording lo the design of the priest P. Ikonnikov (it still holds services now). A school vas opened in 1858 (it was relocated to Vylgort two years later). A zemstvo school was built in 1874, a female zemstvo school was opened in 1897, and a library was opened in 1900. In 1926, 3,487 people resided in the villages of the Yb area. In 1995, there were 618 people in the village itself, and 1,325 people in the communities of the Yb village (Yb village, and the villages of Bereznik, Zakharovo, Kargort, and Maltsevgrezd).

A cathedral was built there, since there are seven healing springs. The water in each spring is quite different in terms of taste and mineral composition. Many pilgrims went here in summer. That is why it was decided to build a church there. In the Soviet period, pilgrimages to the healing springs were limited, but have enjoyed a revival in recent years. Bathhouses have been built at the most popular springs.

Yb Jurassic Park

For a long time, amateur geologists have been finding sobakity (geological discoveries which are difficult to classify scientifically) on the banks of the Sysola, near the village of Yb. Stone Jurassic fragments are interesting, since they include the components of fossils of different dinosaurs. In 2003, a bone-bearing layer was discovered during a geological field trip by students from the Syktyvkar Pedagogical Institute. Due to hot and dry summer and a low level of water in the Sysola, the discoveries of fossils of ihthyosaurs, dinosaurs and other pre-historical animals turned out to be systematic, not sporadic. Geologically-oriented hikes and excursions to the Yb Jurassic Park are organized yearly by the Komi Republic Center for Youth Tourism.


Fishermen in this area, as well as other Komi areas, can always test their knowledge and skills. Apart from bream, pike, roach, ruff and bass, the crucian carp is commonly found in the floodplain lakes of this Komi area. It is not much bigger than an adult's palm, but remains a desirable catch.

The simplest Komi recipe for crucian carp is as follows: the fish is cleaned, salted on he inside, put in a frying-pan and covered with an even layer of sour cream. Then it s steamed thoroughly on a slow fire.

The most popular types of bird hunting are hunting hazel grouse with a lure, black grouse at their mating place in spring, and hunting with a dog in autumn. One hunts waterfowl by sitting in a blind and using stuffed birds and a decoy duck. Decoy ducks can be rented at the hunting grounds of the hunters' and fishermen's society. One of the most popular places for active recreation is Lake Ozelty, located on the ¡ght bank of the Vychegda not far from the village of Ozel.

Accommodations are available at the Hunters' and Fishermen's Society and also at the Komi Republic center for Youth Tourism, which can house up to 20 tourists. Accommodations are close to field conditions. Tourists cook meals by themselves, and there is a Russian bathhouse. The Center's instructors have developed summer ecological and sport/fishing tours. There is also an excursion to the archaeological dig at a primitive people's site (on the right bank of the lake, 2 km from the Sedkyrkeshch - Ozel lighway). Potential catches include pike, big bass, bream, ide and big roach.

Chernam, a hunting complex, is located in the Syktyvdin area. The professional hunters here organize VIP hunting trips, control and feed moose and reindeer herds, and monitor the number of bears. At Chernam, hunting is organized not only for large animals, but also wood grouse in spring and hunting with dogs in autumn. Ott offered activities are sazan carp fishing in the reservoirs of the hunting complex, a white mushroom gathering in its forests. Among Chernarri's notable guests was Helmut Kohl, the former German Chancellor.

Ski Complex Named After R.P.Smetanina

This is one of the best ski complexes in Russia for training skiers. It is located in the Syktyvdin area, near the Poultry Farm community . For over 25 years, the Komi Republican Ski Complex has hosted guests from all over Russia, the CIS and other countries. Every year specialists of the complex prepare courses over different distances. In all, there are over 100 km of ski trails. The complex is not vacant in summer either. There are places designed for roller-skiing, and there is a full program of physical training for skiers. The hotel and the heated hangar transformed into a hotel during contests and periodical training cannot accommodate all those who visit the complex, especially the period of the first snow, the so-called "early skiing period". But those not staying in the hotels are well accommodated in private homes.

Rochev House. Not far from the complex, a family of Olympic champions, Vasiliy and Nina Rocheva, built their own house. A small, but interesting museum of sports awards belonging to the Rochev Dynasty has been organized in their house with the support of the Ski Racing Federation of the Komi Republic.

The Finno-ugric ethno-cultural park

The Park Structure includes present ethnographic, historical and cultural, recreational objects of Yb village as well as new objects of wide functional purpose.

The Finno-ugric ethno-cultural park” – base for complex of services:

* Tourism: recreational, cultural and educational, ethnical.

* Recreation: week-end, family, active, entertainment.

* Business communication: international, trans-regional events and forums in a great amount of spheres and areas, including finno-ugric directions.

* Sport, Physical culture.

* Fishing, Hunting.

* Science.

* Pilgrimage.

* Related goods and services.

Geographical position of the Park is very convenient for the formation of the republican tourist centre on its base, which facilitates the access to the whole diversity of regional attractions for guests from other regions and abroad.

Yb village: genuine complex of orthodox shrines, natural, historical and cultural attractions.

Yb village has a long tradition of guests welcoming. It attracts by its vivid history, preserved in country buildings, life elements, national handicrafts and cuisine; orthodox shrines; unique natural objects, which are of great interest for public as well as for scientists and students. Everything has reached the present day in safe and sound. In these places industrial production has never been located, that is why air, woods, rivers and lakes conserve its purity. In Yb new impressions, knowledge, spiritual and fleshy healing, peace and clearance will follow you as well as desire to hunt, fish and have a good rest.

It is considered to be that spiritual sources of the Komi people originated from the Syktyvdinsky lands. The Yb history is inseparably connected with the orthodox enlightener of the komi-zyryan people - Stefan Permsky, the first bishop of the Komi Land. In the past fourteen chapel and churches were placed on the territory of the village. Now Church of Ascension of Jesus constructed 1825-1830, convent named after Serafim Sarovsky and five chapels beautify this land. Nine springs to which ancient legends of healings are related have been renewed and consecrated

Festival “Zavalinka”

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