Territory: 7,4 sq.km
Population: 24,468 thousand persons
Syktyvdin Region is situated in the southwest of the Komi Republic in 7 km from Syktyvkar in the basin of the Sysola and Vychegda rivers.
Small territory of the region is densely populated. Local people live in 49 settlements that are united in 13 rural settlements. Syktyvdin is the largest agricultural region of Komi.
In the region there is the Ybsky Serafimovsky female monastery founded in 1996.
The well-known master of Russian national musical instruments Semyon Ivanovic Nalimov lived here. Near the building of the musical school in Vylgort there is the monument to him.
Syktyvdin is the homeland of the Komi writer, scientist-philosopher Kallistrat Zhakov. In his epic poem "Biarmiya" he reproduced episodes from history of Komi people.