It has an area of 6,100, and was founded in 1929. The administrative center is the village Vizinga. There are 80 settlements in the Sysola area, the largest of which are the villages of Vizinga, Pyeldino, Votcha and Mezhador. The population of the area is over 18,000. Ethnic groups include Komi (70.4%), Russians (21%), Ukrainians (3.6%) and Tatars (1%). There are also Udmurts, Germans and Moldovans in the area.
The village of Vizinga (local Vizin) is the center of the Sysola area. It is located 88 krn from Syktyvkar, on both banks of the Bolshaya Vízinga (Vizinyu) river, a left tributary of the Sysola. The village is divided into two parts: Talapov ("this bank") and Modlapov ("the other bank"). According to A.I. Turkin, the name of the village originates from Komi "vis", "ys" - "metal" and "in" - "place". Thus, Vizin is the "place where metal can be found".The first written of Vizinga as having two wooden churches and three houses of priests was made in 1856. Local people were engaged in farming, animal husbandry, and hunting for game birds and fur-bearing animals. In 1678, there were 80 households and 235 men in the community and the villages. A century later, the number of yards and people more than doubled. A wooden church was built in 1824. A parochial school appeared in the mid 19th century, and a zemstvo school was opened a little later. A hospital and a shop appeared in 1885. Chapels were built in the neighboring villages. A library, post office, women's college and a children's home were opened later. The Sysola Timber Industry Enterprise, centered in Vizinga, was opened in 1929. In 1995, the population of Vizinga was 7,254.
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