Coat of arms of the Sysola region

Сoat of arms of the Sysola region was approved by the Council of the municipal area on March 31, 2008. Authors of the project are members of the club "Shondi".

Coat of arms represents a quadrangular heraldic board. Symbols are taken as a basis in the Perm animal style of gold color.

The bear is a totemic animal of Komi people, the strongest animal of our woods representing good nature, force, respect and honor. He protects Sysola's people and their riches.

The book is aspiration to knowledge. It specifies that on the Sysola region gave birth to the founder of Komi literature I.A.Kuratov and other well-known people of the republic.

Woods are the main richness of the area. To the right of the bear there is a sprout which symbolizes revival, beginning of new life, to the left there is a fish – symbol of fertility.

Zarni An (the Gold Woman) is the solar goddess, who gives people heat and pleasure of life.

The circle is the composition’s basis, symbol of unity, sign of absolute and perfection.