A village in the Sysola area. It is located 32 km from the center of the area (Vizinga on the right bank of the Bub River. This is one of the most ancient Komi comrnunities. It was mentioned in the 1586 census as the Kibra community. It had a wooden church. About 20 other villages and settlements were in the vicinity. Kotek, a fortifie town, was located nearby. It was presumably built around the early 16th century t shelter local people during enemy raids. By the late 16th century, there was no longer any need for that, and the town fell into decay.

On January 19, 1940, the village was renamed Kuratovo in honor of I.A. Kuratov, local man. In 1995, the following villages were under the jurisdiction of Kuratovo administration: Bubdor, Volim, Zhdanovtsy, Zarechnoye, Ivanovtsy, Kartasikt, Kostir Melnikovichi, Mom, Pomyiv, Prokopyevka, Raevsikt, Raschoy, Savukovich Semanovtsy, Semushkimo, Sloboda, Sorma, Ulichpom, Utka-Vidz, Khvalovts; Shoriv, Shuchi, Ybpom and Yagyb. There are approximately 1,500 people in Kuratovo's villages.

The pride of the village and the area is Ivan Kuratov, the first Komi poet and the founder of the Komi literary language. He was born in the village Kibra, which was renamed after him. It now has the Ivan Kuratov Museum, where one can learn aboi the poet's life - from his birth to his exile in Kazakhstan. His manuscripts are there with poems in the Komi language. Kuratov's poetry holiday is celebrated in the viliág every year. Poets from the Komi Republic and guests from other Russian regions, the CIS and abroad take part in this holiday. There is a 1979 monument here to the first Komi poet.

Today the village Kuratovo is gaining a new life - in the areas of transportation an transit. An unpaved version of a new highway is already in place not far away. The new highway is called the Northern Highway, and it will connect a number of road from the industrial Urals to the White Sea and Baltic ports and will shorten the rout road from Perm and Ekaterinburg to St. Petersburg by almost 700 km. The winter version this highway has already been used by professional drivers traveling for lone distances, but not yet by the general public, nor by hitchhikers or those on bicycle or motorcycles. People undertaking this type of journey should bear in mind the Kuratovo, like the rest of the area, does not have any hotels, and accommodation is possible only in private homes.

Malaja Vizinga Rive

Vad Lake is not far from the village of Isanevo.. Numerous lakes of the Republic are open for fishing. Here fishermen could count on a good catch of ruff, pike, ide, crucian, umber, cisco and other valuable fish species. Along the banks you would find rare plants (Lapland poppy, roseroot) and if you peer through the water that is clear all the way to the bottom you would notice huge boulders size of a bus called moraines.

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