Coat of arms of the Ust-Kulom region

Author of the coat of arms of the Ust-Kulom region is Alexander Gesev. In the coat of arms the big green triangle symbolizes a tree.

The squirrel symbolizes fur trade. Symbolics of the squirrel is multiple-valued:

symbol of thriftiness, economy, thriftiness;

symbol of an ingenuity, inflexibility, firmness;

commitment symbol.

The nut, symbolizes fertility, vital energy, and the nut in paws of a squirrel symbolizes abundance of the local nature wood gifts.

Green color symbolizes spring, health, hope.

Gold is a symbol of greatness, generosity, wealth, crops.

The coat of arms was approved by Heraldic Council at the President of the Russian Federation on June 28, 2006, by the area Council – on 10 December, 2009.