Song Holiday Festival "Vasiley"

It is organised in the area on the old New year (on January 13). Komi composers and folklore collectives from all regions of the Komi Republic take part in it, as well as guests from Finno-Ugric regions of Russia, Hungary, Estonia, Finland.

Ekaterina's channel is one of the most interesting objects for fans of boating and fortnight travel on kayaks. Fishing, football on meadows attract not only school groups, but also families. The route begins from village of Kanava. It is possible to get there by cargo motor transport from village of Ust-Kulom.

Lake Donty is located in the pool of the rivers Kulemju and Vychegda in 7 km to the southeast from the village of Don. The area of the lake is 3,6 The lake’s depth is 1,5-2 m. The lake has the extended form and is located in the zone of a wildlife preserve "Donty" created in 1978 for protection taiga.

Kadomsky Lake is located on the right bank of the Vychegda river in 7 km to the north from the river’s mouth Northern Keltma, in 8 km from village of Kerchomja. The lake’s form is round. The length is about 4 km, width about 3,5 km. Fish fauna is presented by perch, crucian, pike.

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