For a long time the district underwent seasonal isolation. During the summer one could get to the village only by river or by airplane, during the winter on winter roads made right on the river, and between seasons, only by airplane. Several years ago, construction of bridges and a particular road section, from Plotkin Nos (with a ferry­boat across the Pechora river) to Ust-Tsilma was finished. Nowadays the problem of getting to and from the village no longer exists. There is regular bus service: Ust-Tsilma - Izhma - Irael station. Besides that, once every two days on the Pechora there is a hydrofoil boat that goes from the settlement of Shchelyayur (Izhemsky district) to Naryan-Mara (Nenets Autonomous Region). And there is transportation to distant transfluvial villages of the district on "Zarya" hovercraft or on local airplanes that fly from the district centers to Syktyvkar, Ukhta, and Pechora - and have regular flights (once or twice per week).