The district is located in the center of the republic's main transportation throughfares. From the Mikun railway junction, there are railway branches to the the Komi Republic (to Vorkuta), to the west (to Koslan), and to the southwest ( to Central Russia). After completion of construction of the "Belkomur" railway there will be reliable rail transportation routes to the to the southeast - to the Urals industrial centers.

The highway system is quite well-developed in comparison with the other districts of public. There is regular bus service from the district center to practically all its and villages. There are regular buses from the Mikun terminal to Syktyvkar and Emva, There is regular bus service on the highway to Yarensk, a neighboring town in the Arkhangelsk Region. Air transportation is not used, except for emergency helicopter flights to some distant villages. As main highways have been completed, transportation on the rivers has practically come to an end.